American Pale Ale

Brewery Boundary Brewing
Style American Pale Ale
Origin Belfast, UK
ABV 3.5%
Volume 330 ml
Price £2.10 (£1.75 ex VAT)
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A light, balanced and nicely hopped APA.

ABV 3.5%
Bottle Conditioned Yes
Organic No
Gluten Free No
Vegan Yes
Volume 330 ml
Container Glass Bottle

Boundary is a brewery with a difference in that it exists as a cooperative, owned and ran by it's members. When they launched, co-founders Matthew Dick & Matt Scrimgeour were aiming to raise £70,000 in 5 weeks. Spectacularly, they raised £100,000 in 8 days with membership now at over 1000 investors, and each given their say on how the business should run. We're pretty sure they are all in agreement to keep the great beer flowing.