Caramel Fudge Stout Oloroso BA

Brewery Brouwerij Kees
Style Imperial Stout / Barrel Aged / Flavoured
Origin Middelburg, The Netherlands
ABV 11.1%
Volume 330 ml
Price £5.60 (£4.67 ex VAT)
Availability In Stock (28 available)

Legendary Impy Stout aged in Sherry barrels

ABV 11.1%
Bottle Conditioned No
Organic No
Gluten Free No
Vegan Yes
Volume 330 ml
Malt/Grain Profile Pale, Caramel, Chocolate
Other Ingredients Caramel, Chocolate
Container Can
Hop Profile
Barrel Oloroso Sherry

Brouwrij Kees is the latest project from former Emelisse master brewer, Kees Bubberman. To the uninitiated, that simply means that the beers from this brewery will be mind blowing!

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