Dr Todd

Brewery The Wild Beer Co.
Style Fruited / Smoked / Sour/Wild / Barrel Aged
Origin Shepton Mallet, UK
ABV 9.7%
Volume 330 ml
Price £4.30 (£3.58 ex VAT)
Availability In Stock (4 available)

Based on the cult NY cocktail, Penicillin, created by Australian bartender, Sam Ross.

ABV 9.7%
Bottle Conditioned Yes
Organic No
Gluten Free No
Vegan No
Volume 330 ml
Other Ingredients Citrus, Ginger, Lactose, British Black Bee Honey, Ginger Zest, Lemon Zest
Container Glass Bottle
Barrel Islay Whisky

Wild Beer specialise in trampling over the frontiers of flavour from their tranquill setting in the heart of Somerset. Their use of barrel ageing, wild yeasts and some of the most inventive ingredients sets them apart in the burdgeoning British craft beer scene. The most impressive aspect of their experimental beers is the consistent quality and wonderful balance that they achieve with each brew and they are rightly regarded as a real gem in the world of beer.

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