Brewery Tommie Sjef Wild Ales
Style Fruited / Sour/Wild / Barrel Aged / Wild Ale / Mixed Fermentation
Origin Den Helder, The Netherlands
ABV 7.7%
Volume 750 ml
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Franc is a wild ale with Cabernet Franc and a touch of Kékfrankos red wine grapes. After maceration with the grapes, we aged the beer further for another year and a half on a foeder that previously contained Amarone wine from Veneto, Italy. This rounded out the beer and gave it more complexity and depth. Before bottling we added a small amount of a comparatively younger beer with Kékfrankos grapes, to give the overall blend some freshness.

It starts with a delicate aroma of fresh strawberries, cherries and rose petals, followed by the wine notes of the barrel and some funk. In the first moments of tasting the beer you will get jammy red fruits like blackberries, cherries and raspberries, after which fresh plums and roasted bell pepper follow. The barrel gives the beer a rich spicy, almost chocolaty and smoky flavour.

Perfect for further ageing another 1-2 years, to soften the beer, and for the fruitiness and tannins to go together even better. When drinking fresh we recommend to let the beer open up in the glass or decanter.

Store our beers upright or lying down in a cool, dark place. Our beers are best enjoyed between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius.

ABV 7.7%
Bottle Conditioned Yes
Organic No
Gluten Free No
Vegan Yes
Volume 750 ml
Other Ingredients Cabernet Franc Grapes, Kékfrankos Grapes
Container Glass Bottle