Cider Brand Find & Foster
Origin Devon, UK
ABV 5.5%
Volume 750 ml
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A fresh & fruity extended apple skin contact Pét Nat

This cider was wildly fermented in contact with the skins & pips of some highly aromatic apples, some of which came from the oldest part of Woodrow orchard, in the Exe valley; they were hanging on a tree that had died, for some time, after the apples had ripened. It's a fascinating approach to cider making, similar to skin-contact wine making, that cannot be replicated next vintage, as the tree is dead. 

These unique apples had a tropical aroma that was becoming beautifully concentrated as they dried in the sun on the branches. The rest of the blend is made up of sharp, sweet & bittersweet apples, from orchards that cider makers Polly & Mat foster along the Exe Valley; including Kingston Black, Browns Apple, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, & many rarer & unknown varieties.

The slow fermentation captured the juicy, velvety mouthfeel & the ripe stone fruitiness which lends a natural sweetness without sugar. Stone fruit on the nose but tangerine & ripe yellow orchard fruits on the palate, & a subtle tingly texture on your tongue. 

ABV 5.5%
Organic No
Gluten Free Yes
Vegan Yes
Volume 750 ml
Style Dry Cider
Container Glass Bottle

Find & Foster says it all: cider makers Polly & Mat Hilton find & foster lost Devon orchards; often a century or more old, & containing rare or old Devon apple varieties

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