Spicy Chorizo Potato Crisps

Brand Sarriegui Potato Crisps
Origin Usurbil, Spain
Price £4.90 (£4.08 ex VAT)
Availability In Stock (17 available)

Crispy and light potato crisps finished with a hot chorizo seasoning.

The seasoning provides a spiciness, reminiscent of delicious chorizo. The exhaustive selection of the best potatoes, the frying process using extra virgin olive oil and the seasoning using just the right amount of flavour helps create this delicious product.

These are the perfect snack to be eaten straight from the bag. Have them with a cold beer and a tin of Perelló Olives to create the perfect aperitivo or use them to scoop up creamy hummus.

Organic No
Gluten Free Yes
Vegan Yes
Pack Size 125g

Our potato crisps are traditionally made and the recipe is based on our own savoir-faire and experience we have been gaining throughout the years in our little shop in San Sebastian's historical city.

Achieving the best product has always been our main objective and that's why we produce our potato crisps by using only top-quality ingredients.

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