Selecta Potato Chips 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brand Torres Chips
Origin Barcelona, Spain
Price £4.90 (£4.08 ex VAT)
Availability In Stock (10 available)

Even for the most demanding palates, these 100% extra virgin olive oil potato chips won’t leave them wanting. their flavour and crunch, combined with just the right amount of salt make them an irresistible snack.

Organic No
Gluten Free Yes
Vegan Yes
Pack Size 150g

TORRES started their beginnings in 1969 in the world of potato chips that continues up to today with a wide range of snacks and chips. All this has been made possible by the hard work, effort and dedication of a great team of professionals that has maintained the philosophy of know-how and infuses the old-fashion traditions in each step of the elaboration process. Our team is the heart of Torres, a well-oiled motor consisting of magnificent people that are highly experienced in the industry and have the most remarkable human qualities.

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