Rodenbach Grand Cru

Brewery Brouwerij Rodenbach
Style Sour Red/Brown / Sour/Wild / Barrel Aged / Mixed Fermentation
Origin Roeselare, Belgium
ABV 6%
Volume 330 ml
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Deep red in colour and bursting with effervescent sour cherries on the palate. A balanced, tart acidity leads to a dry fruity finish.

  • World Beer Awards - World's Best Dark Ale 2011
ABV 6%
Bottle Conditioned No
Organic No
Gluten Free No
Vegan Yes
Volume 330 ml
Container Glass Bottle
Barcode 54125032

Dating back to 1821, Brouwerij Rodenbach has since become world famous for specialising in the Flemish Red style of beer. Barrel-ageing and careful blending of the brew is the backbone of their output as well as the traditional use of Lactobacillus bacteria to create the unique lactic acid character of their beer.

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