Brewery Bruery Terreux
Style Fruited / Sour/Wild / Barrel Aged / Mixed Fermentation
Origin Anaheim, United States of America (USA)
ABV 5.8%
Volume 750 ml
Price £23.40 (£19.50 ex VAT)
Availability In Stock (2 available)

Oak barrel-aged spontaneously fermented sour ale with raspberries

We’re proud to present Framaheim, a masterful ode to brewing and blending tradition. Our dedicated Bruers used traditional Belgian methods of turbid mashing and spontaneous fermentation to let the open air of Anaheim convey instinctive flavors. During its 24 months of aging, this framboise-style ale earns its name with a helping of fresh raspberries added to hand-selected, oak puncheons. This finished product balances notes of funky fruit and crisp, complex tartness our most keen enthusiasts will rejoice in.

ABV 5.8%
Bottle Conditioned Yes
Organic No
Gluten Free No
Vegan Yes
Volume 750 ml
Other Ingredients Raspberries
Container Glass Bottle
Barrel Oak Puncheons

Bruery Terreux was developed by Patrick Rue of The Bruery as a creative space to develop new interpretations of age-old sour, wild and farmhouse ales. 

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