Brewery Liefmans
Style Fruited / Spiced/Herb/Vegetable
Origin Oudenaarde, Belgium
ABV 6.5%
Volume 750 ml
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A truly unique and delicious Christmas Fruit Beer that is to be served hot to warm the cockles of your heart this winter. Best served at 60-65°, wonderful spice notes of cinnamon, orange and clove compliment the fresh cherry base and sweet, fruity finish.

ABV 6.5%
Bottle Conditioned No
Organic No
Gluten Free No
Vegan Yes
Volume 750 ml
Other Ingredients Cherries
Container Glass Bottle
Barcode 5411686500053

Dating back to 1679, Liefmans specialises in Fruit Beers and Oud Bruins. In 2008, the company went bankrupt before being bought and revitalised by Duvel Moortgat.